• I am very grateful for all the difference Dr. Sarabi has made in my life. He is very knowledgeable about human body, hormones and anti-aging solutions and always try to learn more and also teach his patients as much as possible to care for their body and improve their life style. Thanks for being such a good physician and more important a human being who cares about other people and their lives.
    M. B.
  • Good evening Dr. Sarabi, It seems like 50 mg of progesterone have been working excellently for me so far . Can’t help thinking of the allegory - a prisoner of Auschwitz , after being freed, sitting outside of the camp on a sun patch, smoking a cigarette. This is how it feels. This is beyond feeling better. It seems like the most disturbing symptoms which had been depressing me for years – pressure in my ears, head and throat, very foggy head , constant inner tremor and hysterical heartbeat – are gone. I am feeling energetic and emotionally balanced almost tranquil. Enjoying it – it is so unusual.Thank you for everything and the best wishes from all of us.
    O. R.
  • Testimonial for the best doc ever... Here you go...and dont let this make your head and pride swell up!!!! My wife and I have been under Dr Sarabis care since March of 2010. He diagnosed my wife with pcos and diabetes. There isnt really any way to know how long shes had these illnesses but the fact is Dr Sarabi caught it from the very first time we met with him. Since then, Dr Sarabi has exceeded all of our expectations. My wife is sleeping better and has her diabetes under control and is losing weight following his advice of low carb and natural hormonal treatments and also includes t3 and t4 thyroid meds and thats what all the experts are recommending. As for myself, I am being treated for low testosterone/high estrogen and almost non exsistent sex drive along with an under active thyroid. Since beginning the testosterone therapy , thyroid med and anti estrogen I have lost 35 pounds of fat. Mostly in my stomach area and spare tire area. I feel great. Im 41 years old and feel better now than when I was 20. I have lots of energy,confidence, libido and a great sense of well being.I feel ive always had low testosterone and am so thankful for Dr Sarabi and his extensive knowledge of anti aging practices.He will actually listen to you and your concerns. Im my opinion, he is a miracle worker. Trust me, do yourself a favor and let Dr Sarabi get you on the path to feeling and looking great!
    K. F.
  • I cannot recommend Dr. Sarabi enough. His integrity and personal attention to his patients is nothing if not amazing. Other practitioners should take a lesson from his manner and quality of care. I have rarely had the unusual experience of a physician with the type of one-on-one "hands on" combination of knowledge, empathy and creativity that I have seen in Dr. S. He has made a major difference in my life and health and I would encourage all those who wish to really experience personalized compassion to see Dr. Sarabi. He is not just a doctor...his is a friend. Please feel free to call me for a personal recommendation. A. H., Esq. Attorney at Law
    A. H.
  • The difference about the way Dr. Sarabi cares is simple. He treats you the way you want to be treated. Your vitality is what matters most to him, so He’ll take time to get to know you, and together he has what it takes to make it easy for you to get the attention and quality care you deserve. Thank you for all you Dr. Sarabi.
    S. Y.
  • When I met Dr Sarabi I was rather skeptical of Anti aging medicine and only made the first appointment based on the recommendation of a friend. The sincerity and professional knowledge of Dr Sarabi impressed me from the very first visit and made me follow his recommendations very closely from day one! I soon started to feel so much better and healthier. Thanks to Dr Sarabi, I feel strong and full of energy and almost all my issues are now history! I have referred many friends and family members confidently to him and trust his caring of every single one of them. Sure enough,I am now a firm believer of preventive medicine through Anti aging approach. Thank you Dr Sarabi for all your care and practicing FUTURE medicine with OLD FASHION care that is a combination so rare to find these days! I will continue to gladly refer to you, my patients, family members and any one who wants to feel healthy, naturally.
    M. H.
  • I am a 49 year old male who, thanks to Dr. Sarabi, feels like a 20 year old. I am in better shape than I was at 20 for sure. Dr. Sarabi dialed in my hormones and drilled into me the importance of nutrition and exercise in the overall scheme of life. I have been seeing Dr. Sarabi for a year now and I have a ton more energy. The transformation has been truly incredible. My only complaint is that I don’t fit in any of my old clothes and I am a frugal guy so that is painful for me since I have had to replace most of my wardrobe. I have dropped 25 lbs. which is a lot for a 5’6” frame. Thanks for everything Dr. Kash!
    K. D.
  • Doctor Sarabi has been our family physician since I can remember. With that being said everyone from my mother to my grandmother have had the pleasure of being his patients'. As we all know now a days a good family doctor can be hard to come about. In Dr. Sarabis case I knew after the first visit there was not going to be another doctor for me. It was such a pleasure to have a doctor whom actually takes his thorough time to get to know you and your personal family health history without being in a hurry to get to his next patient. I always had seemed to think this was the usual because of previous expierences. Dr. Sarabi truly makes you feel as you are family(my mother refers to him now as the son who actually became a doctor)! I know the health of my family and I mean more than anything to me and that's why we are patients to whom we believe is the BEST at what he does!
    M. A.
  • Dr Khashayar, I am so grateful to have found you. After going to so many doctors who couldn't find anything wrong with me, you took the time to listen to me and found out what was going on. You ask lots of right questions and ran all the right tests. Most impotently you made sense of the results to help me find the right course of my treatment. I really appreciate your flexible approach, after years of rigid adherence to things that have not worked! Thank you so much Dr Sarabi for being there for me and helping me change my body and life. Thank you
    H. M.
  • Dr. Sarabi is, by far, an excellent specialist in his field of anti-aging medicine. As a colleague and patient, I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Dr. Sarabi. I am always impressed with his breadth of knowledge concerning any and all health concerns I may have. He is always professional, thorough, and cares genuinely about the health of others. He spends time with you in the exam room making sure that all matters are addressed and never makes you feel rushed. I recommend Dr. Sarabi for all your anti-aging and health needs.
    C. D.
  • I would like to thanks Dr. Sarabi for your kindness & thanks for making me healthy & skinny & young & beautiful. I feel great & happy. Thanks for all your help. You are the best.
    V. N
  • I have been a type 1 diabetic since age 8 and now I am 32 years old. Dr. Sarabi is the only doctor I have seen since I became an adult that actually cared and went above and beyond to help me. I was extremely nervous to do my blood tests because I was scared of the results. When I went to my old doctor I wouldn't get my results for weeks, Dr. Sarabi got the results the next day and went over them with me and explained I'm doing fine and gave me some advice so I can do even better. He has also been there for my friends and family and i appreciate everything he has helped us with especially with my dad. Thanks Dr. sarabi.
    H. Y.
  • Doctor Sarabi is by the far the best and most knowledgeable of all doctors that I have met in all my years as a patient. He is compassionate, attentive and eager to assist with any medical problem at hand. Before meeting him, I had been referred to 6 different doctors to help me find a remedy for my extreme fatigue, nausea, lightheadedness, decrease in appetite and extreme stomach discomfort that had occurred after a blood transfusion that was due to a stomach aneurism, and to no avail - all these symptoms took a toll and I was sometimes bed ridden for days; I thought this is how I am going to live my life? Doctor Sarabi and his vast knowledge in the medical field has managed to give me a new life with a brighter perspective and future. It’s been a little less than a year, but his help and his care for my well- being, has allowed me to wake up each morning, smiling and ready to take on whatever the day brings me!! Thank you Doctor Sarabi for all you have done and continue to do!! Thank you for giving me a second chance at a healthy life!! Please post!! Thnk you again!! N. D.
    N. D.
  • In my experience I have not had a doctor who has done as thorough testing and explanation of treatment as Dr. Sarabi. Furthermore, in addition to having knowledge of conventional practices Dr. Sarabi has expertise of treating patient’s condition with safe natural formula alternatives. Dr. Sarabi explains in detail how the hormones inter relate to each other and discusses the levels of those hormones in patients body from the test results and suggests a regimen. I am impressed by Dr. Sarabi’s level of dedication to his patients and following up. He continuously researches new information in his field of practice and sends out informative articles and web links to his patients.
    M. F.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Sarabi for a good amount of time, so I feel that I am well qualified to comment on his abilities. His custom is to treat the whole person, not just the symptom they are complaining about. He has treated me and given me advice on anything I’ve ever needed and spends a huge amount of time with me on each visit. It’s always good to have a doctor that actually cares about your well-being, and takes the time to explain things. With all that said, I would highly recommend Dr. Sarabi to anyone! N. M.
    N. M.
  • I am so glad I met Dr Sarabi. I have had many ailments through the years and have been to many doctors. Dr. Sarabi is one of the very few that truly cares about his patients. There is a genuine concern that he shows when you go to see him. He listens carefully and makes many suggestions to make your life better and get you to a healthier lifestyle. Along with that comes his extensive knowledge about anti-aging. He has a passion about staying current in the ever changing field of human longevity. He is eager to share his knowledge and personal experience with his patients and explain everything in detail until you are completely comfortable. I am so happy that I decided to go on Dr. Sarabi's program. It has made a significant improvement in my health and the way I feel. I highly recommend him.
    J. G.
  • Dr. Sarabi has gone out of his way numerous times to help me, and my family. He was able to improve my kidney function after my nephrologist had given up on me and told me I needed dialysis. With his treatments I look better, sleep better, and feel better. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sarabi for the kindness in his heart, he truly cares about his patients.
    B. Y.
  • Hi Dr. I am writing to express my gratitude for your superior care, and espcially appreciated the way whitch you communicated the severity of my condition. My recently improved health is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness. I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know.
    F. G.
  • Dear Dr. Sarabi, I would like to add my testimonial to your website: "My name is Dr. Alex Zadeh and I am not only an internist but also clinical professor at a medical school. I am 40 years old and had been feeling run down for the past couple of years. I have been under the care of Dr. Sarabi now for over a year. I came to him because I was feeling low in energy, had decreased sexual desire and were beginning to lose my motivation. Dr. Sarabi, unlike other physician that I had gone to for same complaints, took a detailed history, did an exam and ordered many relevant laboratory tests. He then, based on the combination of the information that he had gathered, let me know about the imbalance of some of my hormones. He then prescribed medications for me, which I have been on now for the past year. I feel 100% better; more energy, more sexual desire, and an overall great feeling of well being. Thanks to Dr. Sarabi I have started multiple new projects and am actually hitting the gym consistently and believe that I am in the best shape of my life. Because of Dr. Sarabi’s expertise and his attention to detail I have not had any side effects and feel as good I did when I was 18 years old!" thank you for all of your help, Alex Zadeh DO
    Alex Zadeh DO
  • Dr. Sarabi has been treating both me and my family for years. A more thorough and competent doctor one would be hard pressed to find. Time and again when health issues have arisen, he has been tenacious in finding out the cause and in following up diagnosis with innovative treatments. If you are looking for a doctor that will treat you as a person and not just a number, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sarabi. Sincerely,
    R. R. S
  • Dr Kash is by far the most responsive, knowledgeable and caring doctor I've ever come across. To give you an example, I came across an emergency situation and Dr Kash was available to discuss at 3am (sorry to advertise this Dr Kash) and made the absolute proper call by immediately sending me to ER! I have recommended Dr Kash to friends/family/colleagues and every single person has had the same experience: best doctor ever. Honestly, after going through the experience I went through, it is impossible to put a price on peace of mind and a healthy body. Thank you Dr Kash
    C. S.
  • August 16, 20111 I am a 66 year old white male living in Riverside California, A year and a half ago I was a 64 year old, “OLD”white male existing in Riverside California. I am very guarded with my innermost thoughts and desires and am very private with my personal life. I have never written a testimonial for anyone or anything however I am now going to make an exception and I will write a testimonial for Dr. Kash. A year and a half ago, it now seems like a lifetime ago, it would take every effort on my part just to get out of bed in the morning. I was always exhausted, everything hurt, and my mind felt like I was always in a fog. I was starting to lose my memories to the point where I had to struggle just to remember the names of my grand children (I only have four). I had lost all enthusiasm for living and had resigned myself to the medical propaganda that the “Good life” ends at age 55. I have a younger wife and two school age children that are still living at home. I have a total of six children my oldest is 42, my youngest is eight years old. I was disappointed with myself because I felt that I was too old to play with them. My wife is a beautiful woman and I was becoming terrified that I was getting too old for her and she would start looking for someone younger, more attractive and more exciting. We started to drift apart because I had started giving up on living and in my mind I was getting ready for dying. My life completely changed in May of 2010 when my wife and I met Dr. Kash. We immediately felt at ease with him and since I have been following Dr. Kash’s advice and procedure, I have not had a sick day. I truly believe that Dr. Kash has saved my life. He put me on a diet and prescribed hormones and vitamins. I have lost twenty eight pounds in the last year but more importantly I have begun to muscle out. That’s right, no steroids just natural hormones and a healthier diet. My chest and leg muscles are starting to reappear, I am getting a six Pack (I currently have a twelve Pack) and my butt that was starting to drag and sag, has tightened up. I still carry a bit of a spare tire around the middle but it is slowly disappearing. I now take my family to the beach at least twice a month and I am no longer ashamed to be seen in a bathing suit and more importantly, play in the waves with my wife and children. I have also relearned how to laugh. Dr. Kash told me when I first decided to try his method that I should take a picture of myself so that I could see the difference that would take place in six months. This is one part of his wonderful advice where I procrastinated and for that I am sorry. My wife and I can see the difference but I have no proof to show to others. My energy level is extremely high and although I am supposed to be retired I am working a full time job I have just had my second novel published and have started on my third and forth novels. Thinking back to where I was a year and a half ago where I could barely climb a set of stairs or play with my children. I will always be extremely grateful for what Dr. Kash has done for me and my family and I will always include him in my prayers. Thank You
    R. J. R.
  • Dr. Sarabi, I’m 51 year old male & I’m very happy my friend told me about you. I have lost a total of 37lbs. & have a lot more energy & power. Doctor sarabi went threw all my blood work with me & told me every thing I needed to do. I’m very happy with my results. thank you,
    G. S.
  • Dr Sarabi has changed my life. The only Doctor to treat the root of my health problems rather than the symptoms. A rare person who truly gives you the feeling that he cares about his patients. He is my doctor and a friend who gave me back a quality of life that was missing for much too long.
    M. A.
  • Dr. Sarabi has been our family doctor for three years now. He has helped us tremenduosly. Like many families we have had the typical run of seasonal flu and colds that we've called him about; but there have been unusual circumstances we've encountered that Dr. Sarabi has heped us with even when the specialists could not. Dr. Sarabi is very knowledgeable and relentlessly determined to find a way to resolve the problem and get us back to good health. We've never had a doctor that cares so much, has such outstanding bedside manor, and remembers our individual concerns regardless of how long it's been since we've talked. We are so lucky to have him!
    Rosemary and Howard
  • Kash, I want to thank you for all that you have done to assist my wife and I in making our lives more healthy. Before meeting with you we were constantly tired and getting sick quite often. As you know, my wife and I are in our mid-40s and our bodies seem to be slowing down and we were gaining weight, inspite of our active lives. Before meeting with you, I was often finding myself getting injured and having to sit out many of these activities that I enjoyed because my body was simply not strong enough to engage in the activities. With your program I am able to ski for multiple days, play ice hockey more than once a week, mountain bike a couple times a week and finally go to the gym whenever I see fit to do so. My body is able to withstand these vigorous activities and thus I am enjoying life like never before. My wife is feeling stronger so, she too, attends the gym more frequently and is able to engage in skiing and mountain biking. My wife and I have also found that we were able to sleep much better and we have the energy that you need to take on any given day. Our bodies are so much stronger, fitter and healthier now that disrobing is a joy! Thank you so very much.
    D. and D. T.
  • I have been Dr. Sarabi’s patient for approximately one year. During that time, he has done wonders for my entire well being. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, I have more energy, and I am generally much healthier. I have also found that these changes have made me more productive both at work and in my personal life. Dr. Sarabi is extremely reliable and treats his patients like family members. He always makes himself available whether it is on the weekends or very late at night. I wish I had met him earlier!
    F. N.
  • I hate going to the doctor’s office! Matter of fact, before I started seeing Dr. Sarabi I had a major phobia and never felt comfortable with any doctor. Dr. Sarabi is different though. He makes you feel comfortable and relates to you on every level. He is kind, compassionate, and a great listener. He takes his time and when you are in his office, you feel like you are the number one priority! There is nothing better than having a doctor you feel comfortable with. Thank you for everything Dr. Sarabi!
    M. B
  • Dr. Sarabi is a rare class of modern physicians. He delivers the quality of an old-fashioned practice, when each patient was more than just a file number. Dr. Sarabi not only takes a proactive approach to prevention of disease, but he stays on top of treatment to ensure that his patients thrive. THANK YOU, DR. SARABI!
    S. A.
  • My two pet peeves, like most, with doctors has been accessibility and attentiveness. Nowadays unless you are related to your physician you can never get in touch with them, they are always too preoccupied to return a call or setup an immediate appointment. And if you are lucky enough to connect with them it seems their attention is elsewhere. I was referred to Dr. Sarabri through a very close friend, and from my initial interaction I could tell this would be different. Outside of the ease of access, he was extremely attentive, he would personally follow up with me, which is uncanny for a medical professional today. In addition he went over and above, addressing sounding medical/health issues which may have been indirectly adversely affecting my case. What further complicated my case was the fact that I live on the East Coast, yet ironically I felt closer to Dr. Sarabri than my family physician who lived in my town and who I had known my entire life. With Dr. Sarabri you have a doctor in your family, thank you.
    K. A.
  • It is very difficult for me to go to a doctor , because I don’t get the satisfaction of them understanding my concerns or problems, most doctors are in a hurry one way or another which makes you feel they don’t pay attention as much as you want or need them to. Dr Sarabi is the most caring and loving doctor. He is all heart and ears with his patients, he truly cares and he gets to the core of the problem. Thank you Dr. Sarabi for being there for me.
    F. H.
  • Dear Dr. K. Sarabi: It has been a year since I first checked with you. My life had been so much better because of you. You started with my Thyroid therapy and switched me from Synthroid to the natural pills. Synthroid had so many side effects and I am so happy with the new natural Thyroid medication. Then you put me on these natural hormone pills that I needed so much as they have given me so much energy and I simply look better. Not only you prescribed me the right medication and made sure the pharmacy is updated and the pills were mailed to me on time, you were always there for me. Always responding to my e-mails although there were few too many boring ones (repetition of my health concerns). You monitored my health and never got tired. Your energy and enthusiasm toward your patients are just incredible. I have lived in Orange County most of my life and had not met a better doctor than you. Thank You so much for taking care of me so well. With your help, I will never get old.
    M. K.
  • As a 46 yr old man, I suffered from severe fatigue & needed to get naps every afternoon. After becoming your patient & receiving treatments, now I feel revived after a long time & can do treadmill for 1 hour everyday & feel good & go thru my day without feeling sluggish & fatigued. Thank you so much Dr. Sarabi for all your help, you changed my life tremendously. I feel much better by taking the medication & everything you recommended has been very helpful. You know how to make a difference in a patient’s health & enhance one’s quality of life. I truly appreciate all your services & would recommend you to everyone.
    B. S. H.
  • Having moved recently to California from overseas, and raised in a doctor's family, I was so relieved I could find a doctor as caring, professional, connected and knowledgeable as Dr Sarabi. Made me feel like my long time personal doctor right away, asking me the right questions and finding the right treatment. I was also amazed when I was traveling in South California and I had a major issue with a collapsed lung, Dr Sarabi directed me to the right department at the right hospital where I received immediate care and was saved. He reached out all night and over the weekend for 4 consecutive days to see if I was okay and got in touch with the doctors of the hospital to make sure I got the best treatment. Truly, I would never have thought a doctor would care so much about a patient, even if he was not the one treating me on this particular occasion. He is the kind of guy that would make all people in his profession proud.
    A. R.
  • Dear Dr. Sarabi, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me over the past year or so, i am a insulin dependent diabetic for the past 20 years and was having many complications due to the illness. For the past year i have never felt better, i have dropped my insulin intake over 60% usage a day, i have lost over 70 pounds in the past year and never felt better. I do know all this is because of the treatment you have me on and the better life style you have given me. As busy of a physician as you are it sems like you are always available to answer all my calls and take the time to really understand my health issues and help me out tremendously. It has been an amazing change in my body and health and again thank you for all your prompt attention to details and getting me on a healthy program.
    G. H.
  • Dear Dr.Sarabi I was recommended to you from one of my doctors I'm so glad to meet you and become one of your patient. I'm going to be 36 years old in the past few years I had knee and foot surgery I was feeling depressed and out of shape. Basically I was letting my body go out of shape. Since our first meeting you're like no other doctor you actually listen to what I had to say and had me do lab work. Your instructions and advise has changed my life. I'm on a great diet and the vitamins had made my workouts better. I feel like a whole new person and if I have any problems (just a couple) your adjustments are always on point. I can't thank you enough I'm also back to playing baseball on Sundays with ease no more fatigue. Thank you doctor and ill always recommend family and friends to you.
    R. A.
  • I first went to Dr. Kash 2 years ago because I had depression mixed with high anxiety and needed a new treatment other than prescription drugs because they weren't giving me the results I was looking for. He was very down to earth and took the time to explain what was going on with me hormonally. I had no idea I was lacking progesterone which is the main cause of the depression/anxiety and also weight gain I was experiencing. Since meeting Dr. Kash, I am happier with myself knowing that I naturally took control of my symptoms because of the time he took to help me realize what was going on with my body. I recommend Kash because he not only works on helping his patients medically, but he also genuinely cares about them and wants them to be informed about what most doctors don't take the time to tell you. Thank you!
    K. O.
  • Hi Dr. Sarabi, It has been over a year since I came to see you, my life is so much better and I feel so good. I had no energy and feeling down all the time. I started getting anxiety attacks that really scared me. After detail examination by you with changing my Thyroid medication to natural and starting taking Progesterone I was feeling great. It felt like water on fire, I don't know how to say thank you. I love the way you explain everything so it make sense, also going out of your way with offering different resources to educate your patients. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be healthy and happy,
    M. Y.
  • I paid Dr. Sarabi a visit 3 years ago due to depression and lack of motivation in general. I was always tired and didn't have enough energy and will power to go thru my day to day routine. But with his help, I no longer have any of those symptoms. He is honest, has an excellent work ethics and cares about his patients tremendously. Thank you Dr. Sarabi for everything you have done for me and my family. I wish there was more doctors like you that health was their first priority not the money when it comes to their patients. Take care,
    A. A.
  • I lost my primary Physician a while ago. I really felt like an orphan. Finding a good caring and up to date Dr. that treats you as a whole is really hard. I have hypothyroidism and was on regular thyroid meds. Problem was that I was always very fatigue and would fall sleep even behind the wheel. I could not catch up with my kids' needs and enjoy my life. I tried many Doctors and they all took it as granted that I have depression and dealing with my triplets is just hard. Finally a friend of me referred me to Dr. Sarabi. What a difference. He changed my Thyroid meds and adjusted the dosage. He listened to my needs and addressed my problems. Now with hormonal therapy and my new meds I am my young self again. I can catch up with my kids without being tired. I get up in the morining looking forward for a new day. My life is brightened because of Dr. Sarabi. He is the super Dr. who answers your e-mails and questions. Updates you with new medical articles. Recently I took my Husband to see him. My husband was always tired and over weight. With Dr. Sarabi's help and meds he is already a different person with much more energy. We love you Dr. Sarabi.
    K. F. S.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Sarabi for a little over a year now. I was referred to him by both my Son and my Sister-in-Law who had been seeing him for quite some time before. My son suffered with Diabetes since the age of 11 and by the time he had started seeing Dr. Sarabi his whole body was starting to shut down. My Sister-in-law was suffering for years with a sickness that no doctor could figure out. She even had to undergo a blood transfusion and was bed bound for several months. They both had incredible results from seeing Dr. Sarabi. My son's health was picking back up rapidly and he had even cut down on his insulin intake. My Sister-in-law had incredible energy and literally looked like a whole other person. By seeing the two of them have such great results I was convinced that I needed to see this Doctor too. When I started seeing Dr. Sarabi I was on several medications for years at a time including medications for depression, anxiety, thyroid and Doctor prescribed hormones. Within the first hour of talking to Dr. Sarabi he had already called out several causes of "symptoms" that I always thought where normal to me. He told me the side effects of the hormones I was taking and the many alternatives that I had by seeing him. He wanted to switch me to all Bio-Identicals which where much safer for me and cut out many symptoms that I had suffered with for years. The blood work revealed many areas in which my body lacked the necessary vitamins that kept me feeling strong. By the first three months of seeing him I was completely off of my Doctor prescribed hormones and medications. I now only take the Bio-Identicals and certain vitamins and supplements. I also was advised to start eating according to my blood type. Since then I have dropped a little over 30lbs and continue to loose weight gradually. I have never felt better before. I have incredible energy, sleep well at night, don't suffer with anxiety and depression like before and have never felt as strong or healthy. This year I will be turning 60. Another great benefit that I had with Dr. Sarabi versus most other doctors is the way he is able to answer questions so thoroughly and completely. He makes him self readily available to answer any questions which is great. I am very satisfied and have recommended him to several of my family members and friends.
    A. H.
  • I was writing this to appreciate Dr. Sarabi and Sarabi Medical Group. He’s the best private doctor with the best anti-aging knowledge that has helped me a lot. He’s wealth of knowledge and experience have helped me almost weekly and monthly with all my medical needs. Mr. Sarabi has always made himself available even on odd hours or night to answer all my health questions in any format even as little as text. I encourage anyone to use Dr. Sarabi and Sarabi medical group as their main doctor. Thanks for always being there for my medical needs,
    A. M.
  • Dr. Sarabi is a brilliant, confident and knowledgeable physician. I am one of the fortunate people to know Dr. Sarabi for many years now and I can't applaud him enough for his professionalism, demeanor, courtesy, accuracy in diagnosing illness and preventative methods. His natural and less invasive methods work wonders. He is very informative in the field of hormones, anti-aging, fitness and diet. He is clearly not your typical physician, he actually engages with his patients and treats all his patients like family. His compassion to help people live better lives is prompt. Dr. Sarabi has helped me look better, feel better and eat healthier. He has helped me live the quality of life with the oppertunity to quantify. I have referred Dr. Sarabi to many friends and family and they all are pleased with his work.
    K. K.
  • Dear Dr. K. Sarabi: You have changed my life for the better. Since I am in the glass business it requires me to be up on my feet for long periods of time. You really helped me by getting me through my day easily and without being super tired by the time I get home. I feel great after a long day at work and I even still make it to the gym after work. I also have dropped 45 pounds and I have more muscle definition. My stomach has also not been bloating anymore and I have no more pains. You really changed my life and gave me more energy. I feel fully alert at all times and feel like I can accomplish anything I want. I would like to thank you so much and your dedication to your work, you make me feel like a new person.
    D. M.
  • I am a 48 year old clinical psychologist who also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and trains with veteran UFC fighters. It is vitally important that I stay mentally sharp and physically strong. The only doctor I trust to help me maintain peak performance is Doctor Sarabi. Over the past year I have been Dr. Sarabi’s patient in his age-management practice and it has changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. Dr. Sarabi is a gifted physician who is adept at deciphering what his patients need to achieve their health and physical goals. He is able read through your lab results and quickly ascertain what your body lacks and what medications or prescriptive grade vitamins it needs to go to the next level. By following Dr. Sarabi’s medical advice and adhering to the prescribed medications, I have dramatically increased my physical strength, reduced body fat, raised my endurance level, and enhanced my libido. Whenever a question arose, Dr. Sarabi is always available to make medication adjustments and fine tune your personal health program. Since I had only worked with HMO doctors in the past, I had never experienced “Concierge medicine” until I met Doctor Sarabi. It is so profoundly different !
    L. L.
  • I worked as a Police Officer/Detective for a large municipal department in Southern California. During the course of my career I was injured several times during altercations with violent suspects and in my capacity as a department Defensive Tactics Instructor. After 17 years of service I was forced to take a medical retirement due to my injuries. At 45 years old I found myself retired and in constant pain. I was taking numerous doctor prescribed anti inflammatory and pain medications a day. I had gained a lot of weight and found it difficult to enjoy the things that I used to prior to my injuries. Dr. Sarabi has been treating me for almost a year now since my retirement. Under Dr. Sarabi's guidance, I've changed my use of medications, dietary habits and vitamin supplements. I've lost over 30 lbs. and I'm no longer in constant pain. While I am still unable to physically perform at the levels that I did prior to my injuries, I've made vast improvements both physically and in my quality of life. Now I feel better than I have in the last 10 years. I'm grateful for all that Dr. Sarabi has done to help me and would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves not living up to their full physical potential. Sincerely,
    D. W.
  • I am an average 33 year old male, about 5’8, 185 lbs. I am writing this because I want to tell as many people as I can about a Dr. that saved my life. I had not seen a Dr. in over 10 years, but because of pressure from family and friends, I made an appointment. Prior to going, I had blood work done. About 3 days later, I got a phone call from my Dr. telling me he needed to see me ASAP. The next day I went to see him, to learn that my Tryglicerydes were 1800. Now keep in mind, a safe level of Tryglicerydes is under 100. I was immediately put on multiple cholesterol medication like lipitor and another called tricor, which I took for over a year. The lowest they ever went down to was around 400. That is still considered very high. Sounds like the medication was working, right? Wrong. For the next year my Trys went higher and higher. Even though I was taking my medication regularly. Finally after getting the results of a blood test stating that my trys were over 2000, I decided I needed to see a new Dr. My brother had recommended that I go see a Dr. Sarabi, in Costa Mesa, CA. The first visit to him was in Nov 2011 and , he ordered more blood work, and talked to me about my diet and blood type. My follow up visit, the blood results came back with the same results. The lab even read lipemic on most of the blood tests. He told me my trys shot up to 2472, the highest it had ever been! Over the next month, Dr Sarabi put me on a thyroid medication, and a few other pills and stopped my lipitor like medication. In one month not only did my trys go down to 446 , but my cholesterol and other numbers went down as well. As of my last appointment in Feb 2012, my trys were down to 263, and today are still dropping. Needless to say, I have been feeling better than I have ever felt. More energy, a positive attitude, and a brighter outlook on life. For anyone who is struggling with issues that their Dr. can’t figure out, should go to Dr. Sarabi. He will take his time with you, to make sure he has a clear understanding of your health problems. Whenever I go to see Dr. Sarabi, I feel like I am visiting with a close friend, or family member, because of how much he cares about me and my health. Dr. Sarabi is truly exceptional, talented physician.
  • Dear Dr. Sarabi, Our experience with you as our guide through the aging process has been outstanding.  You are not only up to date on the latest anti-aging protocols but you are intuitive, caring and accessible.  Your advice and care keeps us energetic and youthful!! Thank you,
    S, and Dr. L. G.
  • Dr. Sarabi, You asked me to get back to you about the testosterone therapy that I am seeing you for. I wanted to give it some time to get a better understanding of how my mind/body responded along with doing more research on this subject. It has been over a year and this is what I have come to know: Initially I had very low energy, was fighting depression due to my lack of motivation-it seemed I just didn’t care about anything, had a tough time remembering things, was not sleeping well, I was watching my body change in a bad way in that I had was gaining weight because I had no desire to exercise nor was I interested in sex with my wife. I felt I was just existing… After a little more than a year and getting my levels where they should be I can say this without any doubt in my mind: My energy has increased which got me moving and changed my life. I have dropped weight, blood levels are good, I’ve become more active going to the gym, riding my bike (doing over 100 miles a week), swimming and getting back into activities that I thought I was just too old for like SUP, snow skiing, etc. I’m sleeping all night long because I’m so tired. I get out and socialize more, but the best thing is how I feel about myself and my relationship with my wife. I honestly feel like I got another chance to live my life the way I wanted. I have had many people comment on how I look and how happy I am compared to just a couple years ago. You’re welcome to share this with any of your patients, but it should be mentioned I am in my 50’s and not trying to get any competitive edge. I researched testosterone therapy and the pros/cons myself, there is an unbelievable amount of information on-line. If a person is a candidate and under a doctors care I would highly recommend it, it has changed my health and the quality of my life. Thank You Dr. Sarabi,
    Mike, Male 53 years old
  • I met Dr. Sarabi approximately four years ago. I came to him after visiting seven different specialists with no answers, numerous expensive testing, substantial medical bills, and unnecessary prescription pills which caused infections that I never had in the first place. My symptoms included an extreme lack of energy, and tiredness at all times of the day, including the feeling of needing a nap at 9am after only one hour in the office. After answering a few questions on my first visit, Dr. Sarabi ordered a simple blood test. When the results came back three days later, Dr. Sarabi met with me that same day. Dr. Sarabi was able to identify my deficiency right away and discuss an immediate treatment plan. After he prescribed me the proper medication, my symptoms rapidly began disappearing. Within four days I no longer felt tired at all times, and within two weeks all my symptoms were gone. I have continued to feel better and better each day. Dr. Sarabi has truly changed my life, both at home and work. I have never met a doctor that spends over an hour of his time with you just to make sure that you are educated on the issues.
    F. N.
  • My whole family and I have been a patient of Dr Sarabi for over four years. We are all so grateful for the knowledge, love and passion he has for his practice and patients. He is an amazing doctor and human being, he listens to you and your needs, spends a lot of time with his patients every time . I am very blessed to have him as my doctor. Because of his knowledge, thorough blood tests and studying the results very carefully, he saved my life, I am for ever grateful to him, Thank you Dr. Sarabi.
    F. G.
  • Hey All, I would without any doubt or hesitation recommend Dr. Sarabi. First he listens to your needs, runs test to support his ideas and then treats all the issues. Exactly what a doctor is suppose to do and what you should expect. Dr Sarabi goes the extra mile, he makes that special personal phone call to see your progress or if you have followed through with his prescription. Never have I ever seen a doctor do any of this, even to the point that I told him to be careful with doing that as it can consume his life. His response was its okay, I would prefer to know everything is okay and answer any questions or concerns. He is definitely up to date with newer technology and specializes in women's hormonal issues. I thank him for that and so does my husband. Dr. Sarabi listens to my needs and respects my being as natural as possible without jeopardizing my health. I like that he believes in supplements and supports my ideas. I definitely would recommend him and his expertise to anyone. A Happy Patient,
    B. V.
  • “Dr. Sarabi is the most caring doctor I have encountered. He evaluates patient’s conditions very thoroughly and uses good judgment based on knowledge and experience to prescribe appropriate remedy. He goes beyond the call of normal duty to additionally research results of other scientific studies that may be related to patient’s conditions and prescribes medication, supplements, nutrition, and diet regimen to help the patient’s conditions. He spends a long visit time to discuss and evaluate patient’s conditions and prescribes effective remedies for recovery.” Regards,
    M. F.
  • - Dr.Sarabi, I am so thankful for the time you have dedicated to my family & I. We couldn't have asked for a better Doctor. You have been the only Doctor that makes health a priority. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me & my family.
    C. V.
  • Dr. Sarabi I would like to thank you for the time you spend with me when discussing my medical issues. You always make sure my issues and concerns have been clear and understood. I never feel rushed out of your office. Thank you for being a concern physician with me and the rest of your patients. Your knowledge and medical advice has helped me in many ways. This world needs more doctors like you. Sincerely
    G. C.
  • Nowadays, finding a physician that genuinely cares about his patients is like finding a diamond in the rough. To me, that would be Dr. Sarabi! I do not feel rushed during the visit; and the follow up calls/emails show me how much he truly cares about my well-being. I hear the same from many of my friends and family that are also his patients. He knows his field very well and he goes out of his way to make sure that his patients also understand and believe in the treatment he is suggesting. These are all qualities that contribute to the patient’s trust in his/her physician. I highly recommend Dr. Sarabi to all who care about improving their health.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Sarabi since 2012 for my hormone imbalance; back then I was 49 years old. I was experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, and pretty much whatever else hit peri-menoposal women. Dr. Sarabi has been more than just a doctor who prescribes medications but my therapist for health; he was a go to person. Dr. Sarabi was always available when I had questions. Sometimes I got irritable, unbearable hot flashes, or dizziness. He checked my blood to find out what was causing my fatigue, dizziness, etc. It turns out that my thyroid was way below the normal level so Dr. Sarabi prescribed bio-identical thyroid for me. Since then, I have been feeling like an energetic, normal woman like when I was in my 30-40's. Thank you Dr. Sarabi. You are so awesome!!
    K. S.
  • As a patient of Dr. Sarabi, I have nothing but excellent things to say. Dr. Sarabi is knowledgable, courteous, prompt, and always willing to go the extra mile. His practice includes both traditional and cutting edge methods, and he truly cares about improving the health and well being of his patients overall. I can personally attest to this as my health has flourished under Dr. Sarabi's care. I have more energy during the day, I sleep better at night, and I feel that I am more productive in business. Thanks a million Dr. Sarabi.
  • Dr Sarabi is far away the very best doctor I have EVER met and nothing I can say really does justice to him. His level of knowledge, compassion and professionalism is truly a quality not many can carry. When I first met Dr Sarabi, I was very ill after a work related injury. Before meeting him, I was placed on several intense medications which greatly affected many of my organs in which I suffered from many medical issues, some being severe abdominal pain, severe constipation and uncontrolled blood sugars and elevated liver enzymes. After many lab tests, exams, etc., I am very happy to say that I am now on a great road to recovery thanks to him. Despite continuing to have severe body pain from my injury, my blood sugars are much more controlled, less stomach pain and more bowel movements, not to mention normal liver enzymes. Dr Sarabi has been a blessing to me in every way. He spends a huge amount of time with me on each visit so I never feel rushed. I have put myself in his hands and in God’s hands that I will get better and I definitely feel that way. Of all the doctors I’ve seen throughout my life, Dr Sarabi has shown that he not only cares for me as a patient, but for a human being as well. He has stated numerous times that he treats his patients like family and that is exactly how I feel after leaving his office. He gives me hope and faith that I will live a better, healthier and happier life. Thank you for all that you do for me. And thank you God for sending me such a wonderful gift like Dr Sarabi into my life!

Dr. Khashayar (Kash) Sarabi  M.D.

Dr. Kash Sarabi, MD, attended University of California-Irvine and graduated Cum Laude in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He was a high school teacher prior to attending and completing his MD degree at the prestigious George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington D​C.

He returned to California, and completed his internship in Internal Medicine at the Loma Linda University Medical Center and was awarded nurses intern of the year award by his department. He continued with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center , gaining experience in both treatment and rehabilitation of Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke in both adults and children.

Dr. Sarabi is double board certified and fellowship trained, in Anti Aging/Regenerative Medicine as well as Functional Medicine, by the American Academy of Anti-Aging with sub-specialization in Advanced Metabolic Endocrinology.

Dr. Sarabi is also board certified and fellowship trained in Aesthetic Medicine, and has been trained by some of the world leading experts in Aesthetic Medicine including, 
Dr. Sharon McQuillan, MD.

Dr. Sarabi and his nursing staff in Irvine and Pismo Beach in 2014 were given the distinction of Black Diamond provider which is composed of the top 1% of all injectors in the United States by Allergan, which manufactures Botox and Juvederm products.

Dr. Sarabi along with his mentor Dr. Amor Khachmoune, MD, regarded as one of the top published and respected dermatologists in the country, is first author in the text book : Color Atlas of Family Medicine-Saracoidosis and Erythema Ab IGNE chapters. He has also authored in multiple other dermatological journals with publications in Pubmed and Medscape.


  • The Endocrine Society (TES)*
  • American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)*
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M)
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • California Medical Association​ (CMA)
  • Orange County Medical Association (OCMA)
  •  International Hormone Society (IHS)
  • American Society for Nutrition  (ASN)**

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